What is EVS?

Stability and safety are key priorities to the service and machinery we offer at HMF. That’s why we offer Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS), a sophisticated stability safety system with straightforward operation that supports your operations silently.

What is EVS?

EVS is an Electronic Vehicle Stability system. Created to provide the flexibility and insight that crane operatives need in a wide range of environments, EVS helps make your job easier and safer. By optimising the working area of your crane, EVS allows you to use the truck body as an anchor – extending further and improving upon your versatility in a range of scenarios. For safety and flexibility, EVS is the ideal addition to your operations.

How do you use EVS?

EVS is unobtrusive and quiet until you need it. With ongoing calculations on vehicle stability and support for dynamic operation, EVS acts when you need it to enhance stability and improve safety. Working in combination with the safety system the Rated Capacity Limiter (RCL), the standard for all HMF cranes, the EVS provides constant registering and monitoring while you get the job done. The reactive approach and radio control screen adds an extra layer of safety on any site.

Find out more about EVS

Do you want to know more about what EVS does and how it can help? Get in touch with our expert team today or view our online brochure for the complete details on this powerful operational safety tool. As the perfect accompaniment to our HMF cranes range, our EVS helps make your work safer and easier every single day.