Small Cranes

A reliable and cost-effective solution for smaller trucks and vehicles, our small range of HMF cranes offer a cost-effective option to our clients with the reliability and quality you’d expect from the HMF brand. Every small crane in our range has a capacity of between 0-10 tonne-metre, allowing for an exceptional lift-to-weight ratio. A high-tensile steel design ensures high-quality lifting that improves your workflow and reduces delays in moving vehicles from A to B.

Every small HMF crane is designed to be as lightweight as possible, with low tare weights enabling easy transport, fast setup, and movement as and when needed also enables higher payloads. If you need a crane that meets strict Australian Standards, reduces wasted space, and ensures reliable lifting day after day, then our small cranes may be the best fit for your business needs.

If you require flexibility and scalability for a range of different vehicle sizes and lifting capacities, the small range of cranes provides an ideal solution.

Our small series of HMF cranes includes the following sizes: