Medium Cranes

As the most versatile and flexible solutions in our HMF crane range, the medium crane series accounts for lifting between 11 to 28 tonne-metre. Utilising expert engineering and design, these medium cranes are a low tare weight and present as small a profile as possible, reducing any wasted space in tight environments and enabling free movement.

Our medium cranes are the ideal option for operations involving consistent lifting and movement tasks, such as in freight transport and building, to ensure maximum output at a cost-effective price. Every crane exceeds the necessary Australian Standards, delivering on a wide range of reaches and carrying capacities to provide the flexibility and lifting variation your business requires.

Practical and innovative features, as well as a slick and functional high-tensile steel design, makes our medium HMF crane series a good fit for a wide range of workflows and business operation requirements in lifting and movement.

Our medium cranes range includes: