Small Loading Cranes

Every small-scale crane in our range has a capacity of between 0-10 tonnes-metres, allowing for an exceptional lift-to-weight ratio, all with the quality and reliability you can expect from the HMF brand. A high-tensile steel design ensures high-quality lifting that improves your workflow and reduces delays in moving vehicles from A to B.

Our small loading cranes are designed to be as lightweight as possible, with low tare weights enabling easy transport, manoeuvrability, fast setup, and easy movement, ensuring reliable lifting day after day.

If you need a crane that meets strict Australian Standards, reduces wasted space, provides flexibility and scalability for a range of different vehicle sizes and lifting capacities, look no further.

The HMF range of small cranes provides an ideal solution.

See our range of Medium cranes:

Loading Crane Image Loading Crane Load Moment (tm) Hydraulic reach (m) Slewing Angle (°) Lift-to-weight ratio
HMF 1120K-RCS 10.2 - 9.2 5.5 - 14 420 8.7 - 6
HMF 1130K-RCS 10.5 - 9.5 5.5 - 14 420 9.2 - 6.3
HMF 1320K-RCS 12.3 - 11 6.1 - 15 420 9.6 - 6.5
HMF 1620K-RCS 15.2 - 13.2 6.3 - 17.3 400 9.7 - 6
HMF 1920K-RCS 18.1 - 16.1 6.3 - 17.3 400 11.2 - 7.2
HMF 2320K-RCS 20.8 - 18.3 8.3 - 21.6 400 9.6 - 6.2
HMF 2820K-RCS 25.8 - 23 8.3 - 21.6 400 11.4 - 7.4
HMF small loading crane boom arm

What Makes Our Small Loading Cranes Different

Truck-mounted cranes are versatile portable lifting devices installed on trucks, allowing them to maneuver freely on public roads and perform their lifting duty at various locations. These cranes consist of a boom (which can be hydraulic and telescopic), a hoist, and often additional mobile rigging equipment. The crane's boom can extend and retract from its platform, enabling it to lift and move heavy loads to different heights and distances.

HMF's truck-mounted cranes are distinguished by their lightweight design, which ensures easy transport, fast setup, and higher payloads. They offer an exceptional lift-to-weight ratio with capacities between 0-10 tonne-metre, thanks to high-tensile steel construction. These cranes meet strict Australian Standards, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for small trucks and vehicles. Their design reduces wasted space and enhances workflow efficiency, making them ideal for businesses requiring flexibility and scalability in lifting capacities.

small crane reaching over bridge

What to Look for in Your Loading Crane

Key features of truck-mounted cranes include outriggers for stability, counterweights for balance, and intuitive operator controls for precision maneuvering.

Read more about what to look for in your small crane below:

- The right lifting capacity to handle your maximum load. This is usually measured in tonnes-metres to account for both weight and distance.
- Boom length and type suited to the reach and visibility required for your tasks.
- Counterweights and outriggers to ensure you experience the stability needed for heavy loads.
- Manoeuvrability and a compact design to navigate and operate in tight spaces.
- Ease of use to support efficiency and user safety.
- Australian Standards compliance to guarantee reliability and accountability.
- High quality and durability to withstand demanding conditions.

Our small or mini truck mounted cranes are commonly used in construction, logistics, and industrial settings due to their mobility, ease of setup, and ability to support work on a wide range of lifting tasks efficiently. The combination of mobility and lifting capability makes them an essential piece of equipment for projects requiring frequent relocation and versatile lifting solutions.