Large Loading Cranes

Our largest series of HMF imported vehicle loading cranes are selected to accommodate significant amounts of weight, rated at 30 to 95 tonne-metre. These cranes feature a rugged, compact, and highly engineered design to ensure effective and consistent lifting of even the heaviest loads and equipment. This allows for smooth and swift transport from one place to another with no delays or challenges.

The tough, compact design of our cranes ensures a long-lasting addition to your construction workflow. Equipped with advanced hydraulic systems and inbuilt electronics, these cranes enhance efficiency and performance. HMF’s patented Electronic Vehicle Stability technology guarantees that even the largest of cranes meet and exceed necessary safety standards and regulations.

Our cranes are equipped with outriggers for additional stability and a telescopic jib for versatile reach. The hydraulic boom and hoist mechanisms ensure precision in lifting operations. The counterweight system further enhances stability and lifting capacity, making these cranes ideal for industrial applications.

Our HMF large range offers professional-grade cranes that are indispensable for any heavy lifting tasks. Mobile cranes should be used by skilled operators, ensuring safety and reliability on-site. Regular maintenance and inspection should be conducted to maintain optimal performance and safety standards.

If you need a reliable crane on-site, our HMF large range delivers exceptional results in any tight operations environment, providing the professional standard necessary for all your heavy lifting and rigging needs.

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