Powerful and secure HMF Truck Mounted Crane

The HMF 7020K-RCS series combines the company’s legendary power and quality with even better control and security to create one of the best truck mounted cranes available today. The HMF 7020K-RCS is made with inner and outer strength in mind, using ultra-high tensile steel and zinc-nickel or zinc-iron coated subcomponents to create a high quality and durable piece of machinery.

By choosing the HMF Truck Mounted Crane our customers are guaranteed the excellent power-to-weight ratio that HMF has become so renowned for around the world. This is particularly significant when combined with the 7020K-RCS’ high speed and stable operating capacity, which has a 2-gear slewing system and slewing torque up to 9000Kgm.

Despite its speed the 7020K-RCS is well equipped with a high degree of control through the operator-independent RCL Safety System, which uses Progressive Crane Control (PCC) and Progressive Flow Control (PFC) to deliver smoother, controlled movement.

A crane with such strength and speed also requires advanced safety features to ensure its stability in operation, which is why HMF uses the original EVS vehicle stability system to account for factors such as the load of the vehicle, inclination of the ground and the crane’s movement speed. This combined with the hydraulic swing-up stabilizer legs make it one of the industry’s most secure truck mounted cranes.

While designed for physical power and security, HMF has also ensured that the 7020K-RCS is highly user friendly, with automatic hoist control and easy to employ colour screen power display.